Friday, February 27, 2009

Setting up a wireless network!
Our friend Del asked for help setting up his new wireless router. Del wants to earn a little $money$ providing internet access.

We setup the new Linksys router with no problem. However, Del's computer would not connect to the network. We worked and worked on resolving this problem with no success.

Finally, we brought over Ms. Viola [our laptop] to Del's RV in order to see if we could connect to the new router. We connected with NO problem. That was when Del remembered that his USB wireless device was not plugged in to his laptop! Hmmmmmm?

That's why MsTioga and The Team are late in making our blog post today.

5PM - Back to Aticama.
We spent a very nice day visiting with other campers on the Beach of Matanchen. Everybody is soooooo friendly. Just about sundown, MsTioga and The Team headed back to our riverside Camp in Aticama.

When we arrived at our Camp, the dump trucks were in the river hauling stones to nearby Playa Amor where the sea wall is being reinforced. I've talked with many people living in Aticama about removing stones and gravel from the river. Everybody approves. During the summer, heavy rains cause flooding here. Digging out the riverbed means less flooding.
Sunset at Matanchen Beach.

Last dump truck for the evening.


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