Saturday, February 07, 2009

Sharing breakfast.
This morning pancakes and eggs are on the menu. Little Baby Boid is always interested in my food, as you may see in the pic below. Boid often does not really like to eat my food, but he sure loves to play with it!

The Ocean's waves this morning are particularly beautiful and mysterious, a bit larger than most days. Looking at those waves breaking got me to thinking how I got to be who I am. And that is what the post below is about.
Little Baby Boid going at my food.

If you don't know where you are going....
An old saying is, "If you don't know where you are going, any road will get you there". When I was a young guy graduating high school, that old saying truly applied to me. I had no clue what I should do or had a goal defining what I wanted to become.

Shortly after high school graduation, I drove to the Beverly Hills Hotel in the City of Beverly Hills, California. My thinking was, that if I went there I would somehow find out what to do. That's where rich people were, and I suppose I thought that rich people certainly knew what to do. I sat in the lobby watching people walk by. I did not have guts enough to talk to any of them. After awhile, I left and went back to my home in the Los Angeles suburb of City Terrace.

My life following that "Beverly Hills" day, was filled with adventure, challenge, marriage, family, business, divorce, depression, bankruptcy, cancer and finally, at long-last, enlightenment.

This morning at breakfast as I looked back on my life, it came to me that I would not change one single thing, if all of that would lead to who I am today!

First business enterprise!

Although I did not know what I wanted to become, it was clear that I had to do something. It was 1955 when I graduated high school. My Uncle Harry owned a company which sold and installed screen doors. This was before air conditioning was popular and screen doors let the fresh air into homes.

I hit Uncle Harry up for a job and became a screen door salesman. We would go out into the new housing projects of Southern California and sell door-to-door. I did pretty good and during my 2nd week, was the top salesman in the company. It also only took me about two weeks to figure out that I could sell and install screen doors on my own. So, my best friend David Diamond and I organized a screen door company located in David's parent's garage.
David and George in business together.


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