Monday, February 23, 2009

Shopping run to Tepic!
Later this morning, MsTioga and The Team are going on a shopping run up the hill to the City of Tepic. Our major shopping item is to fill MsTioga's propane tank. There is no propane filling station to be found in any of the nearby coastal towns.

Bringing things to Mexico.
Some stuff is difficult to bring to Mexico. For example, you know how crazy we on The Team are about Caig DeOxit [link]. Caig is sold in aerosol cans. After the 911 attacks, airline regulations were changed which we understand prevent such aerosols being transported in an airplane. Even as checked luggage.

So, in order to bring our Caig DeOxit into Mexico, we are planning to ship such things by United Parcel Service [UPS]. We've arranged for the Ford dealership in Tepic to receive parcels for us from UPS.

12 Noon - MsTioga's engine won't run!
On the way up the mountain to the City of Tepic, MsTioga's engine quit. It appears to be a fuel problem. Perhaps the fuel filter.

We have another fuel filter on board. A passing motorist promised to send a mechanic to help from the Town of Jalcocotan.

At first MsTioga was stopped right in the middle her traffic lane. Luckily there was a shoulder behind us large enough to get off the roadway. We coasted back and are now in the position that you see in the pic below!
MsTioga and The Team stuck on road to Tepic.

1PM - Fuel filter changed!
MsTioga got stuck at 12 noon. Two mechanics from the motorcycle store in Jalcocotan arrived at 12:30pm. By 1pm, MsTioga and The Team were on their way again.

Only one hour from getting stuck to being on our way again! Isn't that the greatest thing?

When the mechanics showed up, they wanted us to try and start the engine. And guess what? MsTioga's engine started right up!! I asked the mechanic to replace the fuel filter anyway. We have had similar problems before [engine missing as if fuel starved]. At those times I thought the problem was dirty fuel at the bottom of the tank. When I filled up with gasoline back then, the engine ran fine. Of course the problem could also be a bad fuel pump. But I think it to be only the fuel filter.
Mechanics Pablo and Luis.

9PM - Nite Camped in Tepic.
We have made a Nite Camp in our usual neighborhood in the City of Tepic. During the afternoon, MsTioga filled her propane tank. We went shopping at the WalMart for our groceries.

And, we went out for supper at the Happy Chicken [Pollo Feliz].
Does this chicken look happy, or what?


Nite Camp Location