Friday, February 20, 2009

The Waterfall Hike!
Yesterday we wrote to you about going on a Waterfall Hike. We got back from the hike late, and being sleepy decided to tell you about this adventure this morning!

Four people went on the hike; Flyboy David, Nacho who lives in the farm country hills above Aticama, Terry Ryan from Toronto, Canada who is a hang glider lover and of course myself!

Surprisingly, the trip started out by going up the road passed our Little River Camp. We continued on this dirt road traveling thru agricultural fields mostly growing mango trees. David parked his truck at a little lake formed by a reservoir surrounded by green trees. David and his two dogs went for a swim in the lake.

We continued along the dirt road and came to a cabin at the road's end. There is a ranch there growing mangos, avocados, coffee and even a little very popular plant that people smoke!

A trail from the cabin led down to a creek which dropped into a pool. We all went swimming in this pool. The water was clear and not cold. The small cascade into the pool proved to be the waterfall.

On the way back we stopped again at the lake. Flyboy David would like to buy property here overlooking the lake.
The lake. Nacho and David are on the far right.

Arriving at the creek and pool.

Nacho and David at the pool.

Back at the cabin chatting and drinking coffee.

Jorge at the lake.

Parakeet tragedy!
One of the tourists living at the Chaco Hotel near our Matanchen Beach Camp, bought 27 parakeets yesterday. His intention was to release all of them so that they would live a free and happy life.

Unfortunately, intentions may not correspond to the reality of Mother Nature. When the birds were released, they had no idea what to do. Many did not have the ability to fly for sustained periods, having lived in a caged environment. The birds had not developed skills necessary for survival.

Quickly the native birds took after the parakeets. It was very sad. One blue male parakeet took off down the beach, chased by a vicious black bird. The parakeet hid underneath a fishing boat that was sitting on the beach. The black bird was unable to get at the little parakeet in its confined hiding place.

When I approached the boat, the black bird flew away, and the parakeet flew off heading for MsTioga. I found the little bird, completely exhausted underneath MsTioga's door step. He was too tired to fly from me, and I was able to pick him up and carried him inside MsTioga.

As you may see in the pic below, this little parakeet received a terrible wound in his head, above the eye. I've put him into Boid's cage, where he has been sitting without moving much. I believe that he was in shock.

Now he is beginning to look around and behave somewhat normally.
One of the survivors.

1PM - Blue parakeet.
The Blue parakeet recovered from its ordeal with freedom and being hunted by the wild black bird. Blue ate some seeds that I gave to him in a table spoon and has flown around inside MsTioga.

We have found a home for Blue. This new home is with Nacho, the young Mexican man who was with us yesterday on the Waterfall Hike.

There is no chance for Blue to remain living inside MsTioga. I have a great deal of experience raising parkeets [Budgerigars] when I was a teenager. In order for Boid to be my pal, he must NOT be living with another bird.

Boid has never bitten me before. Since Blue arrived, Boid has bitten me three times. The last bite was a very hard bite.
Boid and Blue.

5PM - Blue bird in new home.

Near the shop where I get my haircut in Aticama, lives a lady who raises parakeets. She is a very nice person. She is also the godmother of one of Francisco's kids. Francisco is the man who lives up on the hill in the green house. Remember we went up there a few days ago.

Anyway, when Nacho did not return during the afternoon [as he promised] to get the Blue bird, we took the bird to this lady whose name is Alicia. So, Blue bird is living happily with about 10 birds of his kind. I believe that Blue will be happy here. Because Alicia loves her birds and takes care of them.


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