Monday, March 09, 2009

11AM - Day trippers to San Blas.
Little Mavicito and I have been to the City of San Blas several times with the Flyboys and friends that we have made here on the Beach of Matanchen. While flying over San Blas with Flyboy Chip, we saw that the city is a lot bigger than we thought.

So, MsTioga and The Team are day tripping to San Blas to explore.
The mighty City of San Blas 07 Feb 2009.

Airport in San Blas.
Actually, the main reason we made the trip to San Blas was to see the airport located in the center of town. We had seen this airport while flying with Chip the other day.

There are no airplanes in the airport. And it did not appear to us as though the many planes takeoff or land here. There was not ONE plane parked here either.
Kids use the airport for an after school shortcut to home.

1PM - MsTioga gets her underside washed.
Because we have been camping so close to the Ocean, and very often on the beach, MsTioga has accumulated salty sand on her underside. In San Blas we passed a car wash with with a pressurized water system.

So, we stopped and had MsTioga's underside washed!
MsTioga gets salt sand deposits washed away.

2PM - Let's go north!

On our return from San Blas, we came to the intersection that takes us south to Aticama. Little Mavicito announced, "Let's go north!" Little Boid chirped, "Yes! Let's go north because I love to drive!"

So, we went north. We have a plan for going north. That is to head toward Mexcaltitán, our destination never reached during recent flights with Flyboy Chip.

4PM - Nite Camped in Santiago Ixcuíntla.
We have made a Nite Camp in the City of Santiago Ixcuíntla. When Mr. Sunny turned on his electricity inverter, the power did not flow into MsTioga's 120 volt circuit. There must be a break in the wiring.

The table top of MsTioga's computer work station is constructed in three pieces so that Mr. Sunny's wiring has easy maintenance access [link]. In a short time we found a 120 volt connection that had a wire nut come loose. The wire nut was replaced with crimp type connector, and everything is working great again.
Our Santiago Ixcuíntla Nite Camp.


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