Wednesday, March 18, 2009

2AM - Too excited to sleep!
I am out on the balcony of my room. That's where Ms. Viola is able to receive the hotel's wireless signal. Ms. Viola and I are sitting on two dresser drawers!! We have converted these drawers into a desk for Ms. Viola and a bench for me to sit.

I am too excited to sleep, so I am posting to you!

This morning at 7:06am, we take off on US Airways 346 from Puerto Vallarta. We arrive in Phoenix, Arizona at 8:42am where we have a 1hr 9min layover. Then US Airways 621 departs at 9:51am arriving in Oakland, California at 11:56am.

We take AirBart to the Airport/Colisium station where we phone son David who will meet us on the platform when we transfer from our Richmond train to a Concord/Pittsburg train at 19th Street station in Oakland. Then we’ll all BART home together!

Pretty neat, huh!

10AM - We are in Phoenix!
Our flight from Puerto Vallarta to Phoenix was great. Hardly any passengers. I had my choice of seats.

There is a free wireless internet connection here called SkyHarbor. Ms. Viola is plugged in and charging!

2PM - El Pollo Loco lunch.
Son David was waiting at the 19th Street BART [Bay Area Rapid Transit] station when our train pulled up. We caught a Concord bound train, and then drove home. On the way we stopped at El Pollo Loco to pick up chicken for lunch! Love that BBQ chicken!
David & George at home in Concord.


No Google Map today.