Friday, March 13, 2009

5:30AM - Flying north again!
Flyboy Chip just walked by MsTioga and called out, "Jorge!" Still dressed in my pajamas I went outside to talk with Chip.

Chip: "You wanna go exploring again?"
Jorge: "Love to!"
Chip: "I gotta make every second count now!"
Jorge: "Me too!"
Chip: "We had plenty gas after yesterday's trip, we can go north a little more."

Chip will be leaving Aticama soon, heading north in order to return to California. Flyboys Ole and David will be leaving soon too. So, we are making every second count while we can!

Note: Yesterday's flight to the mysterious island town of Mexcaltitán was very special. Did you know that Mexcaltitán is the supposed origin of the Aztecs?

If you have not read yesterday's post, check it out!

PS: Ms. Viola [laptop] and I are very far behind in answering your email right now. However, please keep sending email. We will answer every email. Just might take a week or so to do it. Also, we on The Team LOVE to receive email from you!!

7AM - Along came Pup!
A dog came by. Chip loves dogs and named this one, "Pup". Soon Pup had her own little bucket of water. And a pile of doggie food. Chip was examining Pup for fleas, mites and things. "Pup needs an operation to keep from getting preganant again", Chip commented.

Jorge: "If you don't take care of Pup, you'll be thinking about her all the while we are flying. Why not stay here and take care of her?"

Chip thought about that for a few seconds. "OK!", he replied.

Sooooo, the "Flying north again!" post that we wrote above is cancelled.
Chip and his new friend, Pup.

10AM - Temp homes for MsTioga and Little Boid.
As you may know by reading our March 2009 Trip Plan [link], this month we are flying from Puerto Vallarta to California. For about two weeks, we will be visiting with family and friends.

Temp homes must be found for MsTioga and Little Boid. MsTioga's temp home will be in the yard of Samuel whose home is near our Little River Camp. Little Boid will be staying at the home of Alicia in Aticama. Alicia loves parakeets and has dozens of them living in her backyard.

Little Mavicito and I plan to go visit both of these places on Sunday and take pics so that you may see where MsTioga and Boid will be staying.

5PM - Party with food!

There's a party tonite! A party with all the fixins! Food! Little Mavicito and I are going. So are Flyboys Chip and Ole!!

Chip and I are coming back early. We want to watch a movie. "Starman", with Jeff Bridges. Maybe one of the greatest sci-fi flicks of all time!

Nite Camp Location Link