Thursday, March 12, 2009

6AM - Flight #2 to Mexcaltitán
You may recall that last Saturday Chip and I flew in his ultralight trike toward the mysterious island Town of Mexcaltitán [link]. We did not make it! Strong wind from the north slowed down our flight speed. And, we did not know the exact location. We learned during this morning's flight that we had gone far enough north on that failed flight, but were perhaps about five miles west of Mexcaltitán.

Matanchen Beach and San Blas.
Just after take-off this morning, Chip asked Little Mavicito to take a pic of the Tule Fog lying in pockets of low land to the east.

We flew over the out-of-operation airport in the City of San Blas. Remember a few days ago, MsTioga and The Team drove to San Blas especially to see this airport.
Tule Fog looking east from Playa Matanchen.

Closed airport runway at San Blas.

8AM - Over Mexcaltitán
During this flight to the Island of Mexcaltitán, Chip used a Garmin GPS to guide him. There is no guessing with the Garmin GPS. And, we flew directly to the mysterious island town.
Approaching Embarcadero of Mexcaltitán

Embarcadero showing waterway going left to Mexcaltitán

View of Mexcaltitán

The over flight view of Mexcaltitán below, is a very large image. Clicking on the image gives you an expanded view. Clicking again [on the expanded view] gives you a super expanded view!
Over flight view of Mexcaltitán.

Flight south returning to Playa Matanchen.
During the return portion of our flight, we made two landings. One a bathroom stop and the other to eat breakfast.

During the rainy season, the bathroom stop landing place in the pic below, is a very large flooded field. Mother Nature floods this field to about four feet high with salty water during the rainy season months. People around here catch shrimp in this water which are in abundance when the fields are flooded.

A man riding a horse and accompanied with his dog came by. We had a very nice conversation with him. He told of how people work around here either catching fish, shrimp, etc., or growing crops. Many tons of watermelon grow here and sold in Guadalajara.
Gaspar Perez of the Pueblo Higuerita
[Bathroom stop landing place]

Our breakfast stop is at Play Esteo about twenty minutes south of Mexcaltitlán. As we landed, Chip expected a hard packed beach. However, the beach was soft making our landng mushy. Our takeoff went pretty good though!

I ordered fried Pargo Fish and Chip ordered eggs over easy.
Fried Pargo Fish.

12 Noon - Return to Flyboy Camp.
Our flight both going to Mexcaltitlán and returning to Matanchen was smooth like glass. On the way back, we saw several porpoise pods. We only see them when they jump out of the Ocean.


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