Tuesday, March 10, 2009

7AM - Heading for Mexcaltitlan!
MsTioga and The Team pulled out of our Nite Camp in Santiago and headed for Mexcaltitlan. About an hour later, we arrived at the parking area for the embarcardero. The parking area is surprisingly small. From the size of this parking lot, it is clear that not many people visit Mexcaltitlan.

A few launch boats/water taxis were waiting at the dock. The owner of one boat assured that MsTioga would be safe parking here. We got in the water taxi and took off for Mexcaltitlan.

On Mexcaltitlan Island.
It took about 10 minutes to go from the embarcadero to Mexcaltitlan Island. Mexcaltitlan is very slow paced. The island is about 300 meters from one side to the other. Little Mavicito and I walked around the entire island in about 20 minutes. While walking we came upon a fish restaurant and ate shrimp for breakfast.

NOTE: Later on Ms. Viola and I plan to publish a MsTioga Magazine story about Mexcaltitlan.

3PM - Camped again in Santiago.

The Team has returned to the City of Santiago for the nite. We would have been here a few hours earlier. However, I stopped for tacos carne asado and began chatting with the restaurant owers, husband and wife. Two hours later, we were still chatting.

I guess that my Spanish skills are improving!


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