Wednesday, March 11, 2009

7AM - Heading south from Santiago.
MsTioga pulled out from our pleasant Nite Camp in the City of Santiago Ixcuíntla and headed south back to our homebase in Matanchen/Aticama.

8AM - Breakfast Camp.
Yesterday while chatting with the owners of the restaurant where I ate tacos carne asado, we got to talking about the way back to Aticama. The husband suggested going thru Villa Hidalgo. I had wanted to go this way on our trip north, but failed to find the turn off.

I showed them my Guia Roji map of Mexico and he pointed out the way to travel south. A little while ago MsTioga traveled thru Villa Hidalgo. We are now Breakfast Camped in the Town of Guadalupe Victoria. San Blas is only about 12 miles from here.

After breakfast, Ms. Viola and I plan to write a story about yesterday's trip to Mexcaltitlán and publish it in MsTioga Magazine.

And here it is! Click [link] to read our story of Mexcaltitlán!

12 Noon - Back at the Flyboy Camp.
MsTioga arrived at the Camp where the Flyboys live on the Beach of Matanchen. We are soooooo happy to be back here.

The beach is sooooo beautiful and our friends are soooooo nice!


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