Monday, March 16, 2009

7AM - MsTioga at Demetrio & Ruby's home.
When we arrived at Demetrio & Ruby's home where MsTioga will be staying for the next two weeks, Demetrio was waiting for us. MsTioga parked in a space next to the house. Mr. Levelers leveled out MsTioga so that Mr. Dometic [fridge] would have no problems.

Little Mavicito is broken!

We wanted to take a pic of MsTioga in her camping spot and went across the street to get some perspective. Little Mavicito would not start!! Wow! We changed batteries. Little Mavicito is really messed up. His lens will not retract. There is no image in the monitor.

We are soooooo sad! Poor Little Mavicito!

8:15AM - Pacifica Bus to Puerto Vallarta.

We waited in front of Demetrio's home for the bus to arrive. The custom is to flag the bus down. Buses here in Mexico stop everywhere to board and discharge passengers.

The bus fare from Aticama to Puerto Vallarta is $100 pesos [$7US]. We arrived in Vallarta about 11am.

Mail Boxes, etc.
At the bus station we took a taxi to the Mail Boxes, etc store. This store is owned by FedEX. We want to buy a bunch of stuff while in California. Everything from Caig DeOxit to a kitchen timer. We need things that are not found much here in Mexico.

The plan is to buy what we want, take it to FedEX in California and ship it to the Mail Boxes etc store here in Vallarta. We want to avoid the problems associated with taking all of our purchased stuff into the airplane on our return flight.

When our taxi arrived at the Mail Boxes etc store, the store was closed! The taxi guy told me that today is a holiday, and that the store would re-open tomorrow morning.

12 noon - Suites del Sol Hotel.
The taxi driver drove a short distance from Mail Boxes etc to Suites del Sol Hotel. We got a room on the 4th floor, which is the top floor at this hotel. It is nice here.

Ms. Viola [laptop] and I are typing our blog post to you from this lobby. The lobby is pleasant, nicely air-conditioned and has lots of nice couches and chairs for guests. There is a very fast wireless network connection in the lobby!

The room costs $550 pesos per nite, about $38US.


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