Sunday, March 08, 2009

9AM - Addicted to flying!
This morning I was talking with Flyboy Chip. "Do you want to go flying?", Chip asked. Man-O-Man!

In the ShoutBox, Reader krs2fer asked, "How about telling me more about the airplane, like what brand is it? How big is it? What does something like that cost? and How much training do you need to fly it?"

When we return from this flight, I'll ask Chip these questions for you to know.

11AM - Flyboy Chip's plane.
  • Ultralight AeroTrike Safari
  • Wing: Stranger 15 square meter
  • Engine: #582 Blue Rotax
  • Present cost new: $35K
  • Hours training to solo: 12
Chip and his AeroTrike Safari.

MsTioga on the Beach of Matanchen

The pic above is a VERY large image. You should be able to zoom in by clicking on the image and then clicking on the "+".

MsTioga is in the Flyboy Camp. To the right is Reuben's Paraiso Escondido where you may camp your RV with electric hookup, showers and bathroom included. To the right of that is El Chaco where you may Camp with full hookup.

8APM - Tioga-George Forum is working now!

Our Forum has been down for two days. There was some kind of upgrade going on. As is the custom for upgrades, there are bugs.

However, our Message Board/Forum is working once again! Give it a try!


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