Saturday, March 14, 2009

Coming to the end.
MsTioga and The Team have been camping on the beach in Aticama and Matanchen since November 5th [link]. Endless days watching the waves and listening to the surf. Meeting the Flyboys and going on adventures in the air!

There is a feeling inside when coming to an end. Letting go but not wanting to let go. MsTioga is on the beach at Matanchen as I type this blog post to you. Little Boid is preening feathers while sitting on Ms. Viola's monitor. And I am here. Listening to the sounds of the waves and watching the surf roll in. Overwhelmed by the wonder of it all.

9AM - Laundry at Casa Mañana.
We headed over for the laundry at nearby Casa Mañana. Got to have clean clothes in order to pack for the airplane trip north.

On the return from Casa Mañana, we stopped at the home of Alicia where Little Boid will be staying during our two weeks in California. Little Boid will begin his stay there tomorrow, on Sunday morning. This will give us a chance to drop in on Boid to see how he is doing before our actual departure on Monday morning.

Del and Angel's BIG palapa.
After returning to Playa Matanchen, we went over to where Del and Angel are camping in their RV over at El Chaco. You may remember that we wrote about the big palapa that Del and Angel are building.

The palapa is located at the rear of El Chaco's RV campground. Now the palapa has a newly poured concrete pad and almost ready for the couple to move in. Their RV will live in the rear of the new palapa and be protected from the Sun. The under-the-palapa area on the concrete pad will be their outdoor living space.
Angel, Del, Buster the dog.

The pic below was taken the following day, and shows Angel and Del's RV inside their new GIANT palapa!
Angel and Del have moved in to their palapa!


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