Friday, March 06, 2009

Day trip to Santa Cruz.
Yesterday afternoon while flying in Chip's ultralight trike, we flew over the Town of Santa Cruz. When MsTioga and The Team first arrived in this area last December, we tried to drive to the beach of Santa Cruz and were given wrong directions.

After flying over Santa Cruz yesterday, we now know how to drive to the beach and have decided to day trip there. Santa Cruz is only about 1/2 hour's drive from Aticama.

Stopped to talk to Ole.
MsTioga and The Team decided to go talk to Ole about his strange behavior last nite with our cancelled supper invitation. Ole offered the excuse that I told him that I was not interested, which is very lame. It is a good idea to take a break for a day or so.

9AM - The beach at Santa Cruz.

We followed the streets that were viewed from the air yesterday, and are now Day Camped near the beach at Santa Cruz. We met Francisca, the owner of a restaurant here, where we are going to eat breakfast.
Vista del Mar Restaurant at Santa Crua.

Jane and Brian.
As we were leaving Aticama on the way to Santa Cruz, we saw Jane and Brian. We had first met the couple in Alma Mendoza's Grocery in Aticama. MsTioga stopped to say, "Hi!" and we were invited to take a look at the home where Jane and Brian are staying. It is a gorgeous place!

It turns out that Jane and Brian know Francisco who lives in the green house on the hill [link]. This afternoon, Jane, Brian and I are invited to Francisco's home for supper! Pretty neat, huh? I will be walking up the big hill to Francisco's home as I did the first time I visited. The hill is pretty steep for MsTioga.
Jane and Brian in the lovely yard of their vacation home.

5PM - Evening Camped below Francisco's home.

MsTioga has made an Evening Camp along the Bay of Matanchen. Above us we see the green home where Francisco and his family live.

If you use our Google Earth link below, you may be able to zoom in on Francisco's home.


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