Sunday, March 29, 2009

Find my way back!
One of the things that I want to do with the new Garmin Nuvi GPS, is to take it out into the wilds on a hike and find my way back. Only I was not able to make the Nuvi behave.

Have you found that your children are better at electronic gizmos than you? I mentioned to son David about not being able to use the Nuvi on hikes. "Let me have a look at it.", David told me. In a couple of minutes David had figured it out. He found under Tools>Usage Mode [Automobile, Bicycle, Pedestrian].

I picked "Pedestrian" and took a walk around the block. The Nuvi tracked me! Told me the speed that I walked [about 2.5 miles/hour]. A little blue line showed my path.

Pretty neat, huh?

Fish dinner!
Son David prepared fish dinner. His neighbor gave him a trout. Got a lotta bones. But it is sooooooo good!
Trout for dinner.


No Google Maps today.