Thursday, March 19, 2009

Going shopping for stuff.
There are a bunch of things to shop for during this trip to California. Shopping is turning out to be the fun and easy part. Shipping some things back to MsTioga may be really difficult.

For example, Caig DeOxIT and Must For Rust. These are liquids that are almost impossible to ship across the USA border into Mexico. Anyway, so far no shipping method has been found.

Son David is going to work today, and I get to use his car all day long!

Garmin Nuvi.
One of the things that MsTioga and I would like to have, is a GPS. Especially a GPS for Mexico. There is a Fry's Electronics store here in the City of Concord. Perhaps we can find a GPS that has a good map of Mexico?

This GPS stuff is sort of confusing. Would be neat to know exactly what to buy!

Going to Yosemite!
Tomorrow [Friday], our family is traveling to Yosemite National Park! Man-O-Man! My sons David and Joseph are going. Also, my ex-wife, Evie is going with us. I have remained friends with Evie since our divorce in 1985.

We will be returning on Monday. I'm taking Ms. Viola with me, and if possible will be making blog posts from Yosemite Park!


No Google maps today.