Tuesday, March 03, 2009

An interesting morning!
Even though we have been living in Aticama and Matanchen for much of the winter, each day seems to brings interesting stuff to do.

Of course we are loving Little Boid even more than we did before his escape and miraculous return! And loving Boid means paying more attention to him. We have once more begun feeding Boid his seeds by hand, something we did when Boid first arrived in February, 2008.

After feeding Boid his seeds, a nice tuna salad seemed a good thing to eat for breakfast. Shredded squash, carrots and white onion go into our tuna salad along with a bit of mayonnaise. This morning we spread the tuna salad on matzo.

Today is laundry day. So, we drove from our Nite Camp with the Flyboys to the Casa MaƱana Hotel where they have a very nice public laundry. On the way, we stopped to fill MsTioga's fresh water tank from a hose bibb at the Pemex gas station.

Then we stopped to shop at Alma Mendoza's grocery in Aticama. While there a couple from New York who could not speak Spanish asked where they could buy fish. I asked Alma about that and she sent them over to a fish store in town. Later on I met this couple holding a nice bag of fresh fish fillets, all clean and ready for a meal.

I need a haircut. Lupe's hair salon has a sign, "Open at 9:30am". However, Lupe's did not open on time so we returned to our Camp on the Beach of Matanchen.

Wow! Isn't this an interesting morning? Hmmmmm?


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