Thursday, March 26, 2009

iPod Touch is just too much!
Why am I going crazy about buying an iPod Touch? If I understand the features of the iPod Touch, it comes with Wi-Fi capability. This means that an iPod Touch is able to connect up with Mr. Datastorm's wireless router! Wow! I can be out on the beach at Matanchen with my tiny iPod Touch, and be cruising the internet. Or reading my email. Listening to music!

As the Apple people say, "The funnest iPod ever!" [link]

I've not bought an iPod Touch yet because they are out-of-stock everywhere I checked. However, Fry's Electronics is getting 10 of them soon!

Shipping hazardous stuff to Mexico.
The reason it is tough shipping Must For Rust [link] and Caig DeOxIT [link] to Mexico is that these items are classified as hazardous materials. However, as I wrote to you yesterday, a company called "Paquetes A Mexico" told me on the phone that they are able to handle these two items. Paquestes is the ONLY company that told me "yes" about shipping this stuff to Mexico.

So, this morning I'll ship four bottles of Must For Rust and two cans of Caig DeOxIT by UPS to "Paquetes A Mexico" in Southern California. I've already made arrangements with the "Mail Boxes etc" store in Puerto Vallarta to receive this stuff. "Mail Boxes etc" has offered to pay the customs due if the charges are not too much. I estimate that Mexican customs will charge about $20US. I'll reimburse "Mail Boxes etc" for the customs they paid when I return to Puerto Vallarta on April 3rd.

MsTioga's rusty underside.
The reason that it is soooooo important to get Must For Rust into Mexico, is that MsTioga's underside has gotten rusty from being on the beach this winter. I could have slowed the rust by applying thick oil, which many people in Mexico suggested. But this oil stuff did not go over well with MsTioga!

Sand blasting MsTioga's underside seemed prohibitive, and also I was not able to find a company in Mexico to do this sandblast. But several people that I met in Mexico swear by this Must For Rust stuff. The guy at Ace Hardware where I bought Must For Rust claimed that he knew of several of his customers who love this product.


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