Monday, March 30, 2009

Movies on my iPod!
I've got to let you know that I love my iPod Touch! It is sooooooo easy to use. I'm learning new things about my iPod Touch everyday.

It is very easy to move movies from iTunes to my iPod Touch. Just put the video in the iTunes library, hook up the iPod Touch and iTunes does the rest. However, getting movies from a DVD on to Ms. Viola's hard drive was tough. I tried software for ripping DVDs and then converting the movie to iPod Touch format. Nothing worked great.

I've found that good software always is intuitive to use. And good software works. Good software is completely debugged. When I find good software, I know it immediately.

When I stumbled on to "Xilisoft DVD to iPod Converter" [link] it worked perfectly. The DVD movie was moved from the DVD file in great resolution and in iPod Touch format. The software told me where the DVD was stored on my hard drive. Very important because sometimes files get lost, or are hard to locate. I recommend this Xilisoft software to you if you own an iPod Touch.

Good time in the USA!

I love visiting at son David's home in the City of Concord, California. The hills surrounding David's home are covered with green grass in the springtime. It is soooooo beautiful.

David is a very busy guy because of work. Flying around on business trips and working into the night at home in order to be prepared. However, yesterday David did some laid back stuff. Pulled weeds in his garden. I watched him weeding and we talked.
A few feet from David's home.


No Google Maps today.