Saturday, March 28, 2009

Newest member of The Team!
Yes! There is a new member on the TiogaRV Team! An iPod Touch! What is an iPod Touch anyway? I have to confess to you, that although I have been messing with computers since 1980, I've not kept up with most of the new products such as this iPod Touch.

I picked up iPod Touch at the WalMart in Martinez, California. It may seem as though I've been spending $money$ like water lately. $230 for this iPod. But this thing is just amazing. Only a little bigger than 2" x 4". Not only does the iPod Touch use Wi-Fi to connect to the internet, it also plays movies and music.

This morning I "synched" the movie "Cinderella Man" to the iPod. I still don't understand how I did this synching thing, but using iTunes, this movie is now available on my iPod. Can you imagine that? In gorgeous clarity and wonderful sound!
Tiny and powerful iPod Touch.

Thank God for System Restore!

This evening when Ms. Viola, our hard working laptop computer turned on, her wireless adapter failed! The little green wireless light would go off during boot-up. Ms. Viola decided to boot-up in Safe Mode. The wireless adapter worked fine in Safe Mode.

That's when we figured that some new software or automatic update went wrong. So, we did a System Restore to March 27th and now everything is working fine again!


No Google Maps today.