Tuesday, March 17, 2009

One day early!
Our arrival in Puerto Vallarta was planned to be one day early. We on The Team don't like to live rushed. Slow and easy, that's the ticket!

We never know what challenges may be encountered along the way. Or what opportunities also. For example, MsTioga would like to buy replacement mini-blinds. Perhaps the Home Depot in Vallarta sells these?

We could have arrived here in Vallarta today. Much better, one day early!

We vs I.
If you have followed The Team for awhile, you may know the reason "we" is used in our blog posts instead of "I". Yes, I am the only human on the TiogaRV Team. However, all of the others [MsTioga, Little Mavicito, Mr. Dometic, Baby Boid and the others] contribute soooooo much.

New readers may have wondered about the "We vs I" thing. So, we thought that we would clear the whole thing up!

Besides, it is much more fun to write "we did something" than "I did something". Too many "I's" spoil the broth!

Introducing Little Mavicita.
We bought a new camera. Her name is Little Mavicita. The "a" changes Mavicita's gender. She is a girl camera! The plan is for Little Mavicita to be our 'backup' camera. When we our back in the USA, we want to shop for a new Little Mavicito, who is by the way, a Nikon Coolpix camera.

Our new Little Mavicita is a Canon PowerShot A470 which was on sale at the WalMart, as you may see in the pic below.

NOTE: We just did a search in Google and learned that this same camera in the USA may be bought for $30US cheaper than here in Mexico. Electronics in Mexico are nearly always more expensive than in the USA.
Our newest Team Member, Little Mavicita.

Home Depot for mini-blinds.
Today we have been using the bus system in Vallarta. A bus ticket costs 5.5 pesos, about 38 cents US. Buses here in Vallarta remind us of buses in Jerusalem. Buses here go everywhere. We do not wait long for a bus!

We caught the bus to Ixtapa which is where the Home Depot store is located. MsTioga asked us to shop for mini-blinds. MsTioga has one mini-blind purchased from Home Depot, and it is a super quality "Bali" blind. Her other blinds were purchased from "3-Day Blinds." MsTioga does NOT recommend "3-Day Blinds."

When we arrived at the Home Depot, we were blown away by the merchandise available for sale. Home Depot in Vallarta is almost the same as shopping at any USA Home Depot. Here in Vallarta, Home Depot is selling "Bali" brand mini-blinds. We like Bali brand.
Bali blinds at Home Depot.

Modern shopping malls.
Our new Little Mavicita wants to share with you a pic of the lovely Galerias Vallarta Mall in Puerto Vallarta. This mall is next door to the WalMart, and is soooooooo modern!

Inside this mall we found many stores familiar in the USA. Radio Shack, Starbucks, Chilis. The anchor tenant is Liverpool [think Macys].
Galerias Vallarta in Puerto Vallarta.


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