Sunday, March 15, 2009

Reader Devin asked in ShoutBox:
"George, if you are happy in that beautiful place... why do you feel like you have to leave?"

This is a very good question, which I don't believe that I've ever written to you about!

The Mexican government issues me a permit to enter Mexico for a six month period. So, every six months I must obtain a new permit upon re-entering Mexico.

This is perfect for me, because since becoming a Vagabonder-Supreme, MsTioga and I have always visited with family every six months. Before beginning to live fulltime in mainland Mexico in 2007, MsTioga and I would live our winters in Baja California. Around April, we would return to the USA, visit family, and then make a six month journey exploring the Western United States. Around September, we would again visit with family in California. Then return to Baja California for the winter.

Now that we are fulltimers in Mexico, flying back to the United States seems to be the best way to visit family. When returning to Mexico, the Mexican government issues me a new permit good for six months. And, that permit has been free for me when entering Mexico by airplane!

9AM - Boid's temp home.
MsTioga and The Team have driven to Alicia's home in the Pueblo of Aticama. This will be Little Boid's temp home for two weeks while we are away visiting in California. Boid will be living with a few dozen parakeets. Some of them are just inches away!

In the pic below, you see Ali looking at Boid. Ali takes care of the birds and may put a girlfriend in Boid's cage. Of course, we are not sure about that!

We brought Boid here a day early, so that we may return during the day to make sure that he is happy in his temp home.
Boid and Ali.

12 noon - Changed MsTioga's temp home.
MsTioga and The Team had selected the home of Samuel the truck driver of Aticama to be a temp home. However, when we visited Samuel over the past week, nobody was home. This is troublesome. So, we changed MsTioga's temp home to Ruby and Demetrio's home, also in Aticama. Ruby is the daughter of Alma Mendoza who owns our favorite grocery in Aticama.

We drove to Ruby and Demetrio's home, and made arrangements to park MsTioga there at 7am tomorrow morning. Then we will wait for the bus going to Puerto Vallarta to arrive, scheduled to pass here at 8am.


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