Sunday, March 22, 2009

Snow has fallen in Yosemite!
For much of yesterday afternoon, rain fell. It was not cold enough for snow. During the nite however, perhaps as much as 6 inches of snow fell to the ground. The tree limbs are covered with snow!

Sunday brunch is served at the fabulous Ahwahnee Hotel [link] and, we have made reservations to the brunch.
David, Evie and Joe at Yosemite Lodge.

Looking out window
from Awahnee dining room.

George warming up at one of
Awahnee's giant fireplaces.

4:30PM - Joe returns from Mirror Lake.

Sons Joe and David went up to Mirror Lake to take a look-see. Evie and I did not go with them because we are too wimpy.
Pano pic of David at Mirror Lake.

Joe's Mirror Lake rock.


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