Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Stunned on Tuesday!
Yesterday I drove with son David to the Concord BART station at 4am. Wow! David flew to Kansas City on a business trip. An early morning flight. I accompanied David to the BART station in order to have use of his car while he is gone.

I'd made the mistake of turning on the TV the prior nite. Bad for me because I am addicted to TV. I stayed up passed midnite watching the tube. Not good. Gotta stay away from that TV! As you may know, MsTioga does not have a TV connection.

So, yesterday was spent in somewhat a stunned condition. Recovering from staying up too late watching TV Monday nite, and awakening at 4am on Tuesday morning. My brain did not kick in all day long yesterday!

Now it is Wednesday, and the brain is doing fine!

Note: BART is the Bay Area Rapid Transit system for the San Francisco, California vicinity.

5PM - Shopping, shopping, shopping!
All day long I've been shopping. And buying too! The first buy is a very high quality pair of Teva sandals. I used to buy cheap rubber sandals from the WalMart. However, time proved these WalMart sandals to not last long. Son David and friends told me of the Teva brand. Paid $79.95 for them. These Tevas look good.

The next thing on the list is a pair of moccasin style slippers. These slippers have rubber souls that allow walking outside. Paid only $16.99 for the slippers at the Payless Shoe Store in the Sun Valley Mall in Concord, California.

Although I did not buy an "Apple iPod Touch", I sure would like to buy one. The iPod Touch that I looked at did not have a phone or camera included. It has 8 gigabytes of storage and is described as being a 2nd generation model. The price $220 at Fry's Electronics.

Shipping to Mexico.
In last week's blog, I wrote to you about the difficulties in shipping liquids across the border into Mexico. This morning I found a company in Southern California named, "Paquetes a Mexico." This company is owned by Mexican guys who help customers with the problems involved with shipping from the United States to Mexico.

I had almost given up searching. But as you may know, I hate to give up!

If "Paquetes a Mexico" works for me, I'll be able to ship Caig DeoxIT [link] and Must for Rust [link] to Mexico.


No Google Maps today.