Saturday, March 07, 2009

Things going great this morning!
Remember over the last few days how things started going bad? The problem with Flyboy Ole, rocks in the road and rubbish at our Little River Nite Camp!

Well, things turned completely around this morning! They are soooooo good! Flyboy Ole and I made amends, shook hands and visited with each other inside MsTioga.

Flyboy Chip and I are flying north this morning to Mexcaltitlán de Uribe which may be about 60 kilometers, as the crow flies.

Very exciting!

Here is a Google Map link showing where we want to fly:

3PM - Flyboys return!
Our flight was a long one. Over 2 hours 45 minutes flying time. We did not reach our destination. Headwinds made us turn back about and hour short of Mexcaltitlán de Uribe.

We made two landings during this trip. One was a "necessary" rest stop. And the other was to eat. Chip had breakfast and I had lunch.

Little Mavicito too some neat pics! Would you like to see?
Jorge & Chip just before takeoff.

Flying over City of San Blas.

Chip at our rest stop.

Garlic shrimp lunch.


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