Thursday, March 05, 2009

Tioga-George Website.
Our website began in May, 2003 with the publishing of our blog. All our other webpages came later. Back during the first few years, there was no Home Page. We had no concept how to present what is now, "MsTioga Magazine". In those early years, we stumbled along publishing information in a very disorganized manner.

Early readers likely read our blog believing that I was a bit nuts. I talked to my RV, computer, refrigerator, etc., and they talked to me! Finally it came apparent that it might be a good thing to introduce Team Members to readers. And, we published the "Tioga & George Introduction" page.

This morning Ms. Viola and I have been working a bit updating our "Introduction" page. [link]

Matanchen Beach palapa.
There is some construction on Matanchen Beach. Del & Angel have made a deal with the owner of El Chaco Hotel to build a palapa at the rear of the RV lot.

The rear of this palapa will be a in interior parking place for their Class-A RV. The front will be under the shade of the palapa and serve as an awning.
Del & Angel's palapa.

5PM - Afternoon flight.
Flyboy Chip asked if I would like to go flying. Of course I went, because I love to fly! We headed south and continued in that direction for about 1/2 hour.

It is really great flying in one of these powered flying trikes. There are some really neat aspects to flying out in the open like this.
  • I am able to see for miles in all directions.
  • It is not windy flying unprotected as you might expect.
  • I am able to look straight down at the ground - a bird's eye view.

We got back to MsTioga and our Camp just in time for supper over at Ole and Jan's RV. However, there were only three places set at the table. Ole told David and myself, "You guys are on your own for dinner tonite." Hmmmmm?

So, we moved our Nite Camp to the Little River at Aticama and will prepare a pork chop supper.

10PM - A change in The Force!
Something has changed. But what? The Force seems to be moving against us. It has been our experience that it pays to be sensitive to obstacles that pop-up for no apparent reason.
  • This change began with Ole canceling dinner plans this evening. Plans that had been talked about for more than a day.
  • When MsTioga returned to our Little River Nite Camp, there were large rocks in the roadway. I had to move one of these rocks off the road in order to proceed.
  • Our Little River Camp was filled with rubbish from cut-down plants. I had to move these plants back in order for MsTioga to have room to park.
  • Then, just a little while ago, a construction crew came and began loading rocks from the river into dump trucks. The loading makes made a lot of noise at our usually peaceful Nite Camp site.
Something has changed big-time! I don't believe that I am being paranoid. What have I done to bring on this change? Hmmmmm?


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