Monday, March 02, 2009

TiogaRV Team's savings increased!
For the month of February, 2009, we were able to add $1,437 to our savings account. The reason for the savings increase is that MsTioga only drove 292 miles in February and she spent very little for repairs.

We now have enough saved so that if Google AdSense was eliminated from our income, we would be OK for two years. Here is the link to our February, 2009 Expense Report [link].

Missed TiogaRV Team anniversary!
On February 25, 2009, MsTioga and The Team reached their 6th year anniversary! And guess what? We forgot all about it! Man-O-Man!

Steve H. of Houston, Texas sent a Happy Anniversary email. But we did not open that email until this morning.

So, we are now in our 7th year of being the greatest RVing Team in the history of the World!

Readers write about Little Boid.
We've received a bunch of notes from readers about Little Boid escaping and then returning. Most readers are just soooooo happy about Boid.

Some readers feel that Boid should live in his cage for his own protection. Many believe that Boid should have his wings clipped. And perhaps all of these suggestions should be accepted and done.

However, after thinking all of this thru, I don't believe that I will change things for Little Boid. When I see him flying inside MsTioga, zooming around circling my head. Flying from window to window to look out. His happiness shines out and makes me feel happy too.

Boid asked to be taken outside more, so that he would become familiar with his surroundings. This morning we took Boid over to Flyboy Ole's RV to be near two budgies that are living there.
Boid with two neighbor boids.

11AM - Flying out for breakfast!
Two Flyboys planned to go out for breakfast this morning. So, Little Mavicito and Jorge asked to go with!

Flyboy David piloted his single seat trike and Flyboy Chip his 2-place ultralight with Little Mavicito and Jorge for passengers. We flew to the Beach of Boca Asadero. The beach here is wide with many palm covered ramadas in front of a row of restaurants. We ate scrambled eggs with salsa, onions with a side of refried beans.

You may view our location using this Google Earth Link.
David at the restaurant showing us the trikes.

David, Jorge & Chip. [L-R]


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