Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Vagabonding Miracle!
My life is sooooooo exciting. A Vagabonding Miracle! Being part of the TiogaRV Team means that we are Vagabonders-Supreme! The greatest vagabonds in the history of the World.

We loved our 3-month time in the Pueblo of Aticama and the Beach of Matanchen. But now it is getting closer to my journey to California. The plan as it is evolving, will be to travel by bus to Puerto Vallarta. I'll stay in Vallarta for a couple of nites just looking around and experiencing the place. Then on March 18th, we're booked to fly from Vallarta to Oakland, California.

There is a "Mail Boxes, etc" store in Vallarta. This store is owned by FedEx. An important part of our California trip plan is to buy stuff in the USA and have it shipped to Vallarta. We want to avoid the checked baggage thing, and FedEx will do that. Some of the stuff that we will be bring into Mexico:
  • Must-For-Rust [link]
  • Caig DeOxit [link]
  • Acid-Neutralizing Battery Mat [link]
  • A ton of other stuff too.
Mexico, as you may suspect, is a wonderful place to live because of the peace and liberty that we experience here in this country. However, it often is very difficult to buy specific items here. Items that in the USA are soooooooo easy to find. Flying to California every six months seems to be the perfect plan.

Yes! Our life is A Vagabonding Miracle!
Jorge in Mexico.

BBQ chicken party this evening!
Do you know how good we eat? Hmmmm?

Lately Ole and his sister Jan have been hosting suppers for the Flyboys and I have been invited! Yesterday's supper was a nice fried fish, fresh salad with a zillion ingrediants, potatoes, sauteed veggies and for dessert we had strawberry ice cream. Wow!

This morning Flyboy David and I went over to Reuben's Paraiso Escondido Restaurant. Reuben owns the land where the Flyboys are camping. This restaurant makes the very best fresh salsa and serves it with totopos [chips] made in their kitchen and brought to our table warm.

This evening over at Ole and Jan's RV, "the Flyboy gang" is eating pollo asada [BBQ chicken]. I used Ole's little motorcycle to go over to the Pollo Asada store in Aticama to pick up the chicken. We eat outdoors under Ole's awning. Man-O-Man!
Fresh salsa and chips!


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