Sunday, April 26, 2009

6:30AM - Waiting for the dawn.
It was only possible for me to sleep perhaps an hour last nite. I watched movies to keep my mind from thinking about Boid being gone. When the morning light comes, I'll be out there with Boid's cage, whistling the sounds that he learned to mimic. And calling out, "Jump, jump baby bird" [the first words Boid learned to say].

8:30AM - Boid is still out there.
Boid did not return to me. I walked the neighborhood, whistling his song and calling out his words. On returning to MsTioga, I looked for some solace. The words of poet William Wordsworth came to me. They are below, although somewhat paraphrased.

Sing you birds, sing a joyous song!
We in thought will join your throng,
What radiance which was once so bright,
Has been taken from my sight.

Though nothing can bring back the hour
Of splendour in the grass, of glory in the flower,
We will grieve not, rather find
Strength in what remains behind.
Boid's first day with us, February 13, 2008.

9AM - Jesus the mechanic.
As you may recall, MsTioga has a problem with her fuel pumps. So, we have Jesus the mechanic changing out the pumps.

One fuel pump is inside the gasoline tank and the other pump is on the frame rail. In order to change out the pump inside the tank, the gasoline tank must be removed. Jesus claims that he will be able to do the entire job today.

Martha the Gypsy.
An email arrived from Reader Martha the Gypsy. I would like to share part of that email with you:

"Boid is a child of the Universe, just as you are, and he is playing out his destiny as surely as you are yours. No matter what happens to him, would his life have been better with someone who had held him more firmly captive? I doubt it."

1PM - MsTioga's gas tank.
Jesus the mechanic removed the gas tank. However, the low pressure gas pump from inside the tank not the same as the pump that we bought this morning. The size and electric connections are different. Jesus has gone to the auto parts store to exchange.
Gas tank removed.

4:30PM - MsTioga running again!
MsTioga is all put together again. It was a hard job putting the gas tank back in place. So, I helped Jesus. A third hand sometimes is very helpful.

The cost of labor to remove and replace the gas tank, replace the inside and outside fuel pump and fuel filter is $900 pesos [$70US]. The parts cost $2,120 pesos [$165US].
Jesus the mechanic of Magdalena.

Showed Boid's pic to the neighbors.
I printed a color pic of Boid and went around the neighborhood asking people to let me know if they hear anything about a parakeet being loose. Nobody has showed up yet. I've pretty much reconciled myself to Boid being gone for good.

I am very sleepy from being up most of last nite. When I try to sleep, I am not able.

Jesus the mechanic offered me a parakeet. He has several of them. I told him no. Boid is the last bird for me.


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