Friday, April 03, 2009

6:45AM - At my airplane boarding gate!
So! The advice is to check-in 3 hours before scheduled departure for international flights. Guess how long that it took to get my boarding pass and go thru TSA security? 45 minutes! Man-O-Man! Double Wow with sugar on it!

My plane to Puerto Vallarta departs at 10:58am. Four hours+ from now. However, better 4 hours early than 1-minute late!

7:45AM - Wireless hotspots everywhere.

It blows me away how many hotspots are available all over the place for connections to the internet. Tons of people waiting for flights here at LAX are connected to the internet by all sorts of devices, mostly laptops. There are a bunch of 120VAC electrical outlets too for recharging stuff.

I paid a few $bucks$ for a 24-hour pass to T-Mobile internet hotspot.

Mr. DeLorme reports!
Our noble GPS guy, Mr. DeLorme, reports that we are only 1,248 miles away from the airport at Puerto Vallarta [as the crow flies]. Also, Mr. DeLorme provided us with our GPS coordinates for our location at LAX. With that info, we now have Google Map links below.

1:20PM - Airplane landed in Puerto Vallarta.
It makes me a little crazy to be in Los Angeles, and then only a few hours later be in Puerto Vallarta. Funny thing!

Going thru Mexico's version of Homeland Security is soooooo easy. In the Aduana [customs] section, even though I checked on my Aduana form that I had stuff for duty, they just waved me thru. Love that!

My plan was to catch a bus in Puerto Vallarta and head back to MsTioga and Little Boid in Aticama. However, it was about 2:30pm by the time we left the airport. A bus ride home would get us there after dark.

Taking a taxi home to Aticama.

After a quick calculation, it was decided to take a taxi north. That brought us back home to MsTioga around 5pm.

The pic below is where MsTioga lived during the two week+ trip north. MsTioga is in the back yard of Demetrio and Ruby. This pic is the same shot that Little Mavicito tried to capture on April 18th, the day that Little Mavicito died!
Little Mavicito died trying to capture this pic.


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