Tuesday, April 07, 2009

7:30AM - Plumbing parts.
This morning MsTioga and The Team will be going into San Blas to find a plumbing store. A 1/4" pipe nipple and 1/2 x 1/4 reducing bushing are needed in order to repair the exterior hose bibb. You may recall that the hose bibb was knocked off when I scraped that pole in Jalcocotán a few days ago.

Flyboy David is going with us. He has some dental work to be done in San Blas before he will head north to the USA.

Wild Skype ride.
Two RVs showed up a couple of days ago. The people are from Quebec, Canada. They were using a HughesNet wireless connection to make Skype phone calls. I was blown away when one of them made a successful Skype call to France!

So, yesterday afternoon I installed Skype. Made a phone call to youngest son Joseph. I could hear Joseph great, but he could not hear me very well. Might be because I was calling his cell phone.

Later on Ms. Viola [computer] began to receive the error signal, "Firefox could not install this item because a failure in Chrome." This error signal repeated three times before it would go away. Also, it was not possible to go online. Something was NOT right.

So, I did a System Restore and had to play around with a lot of things before this wild Skype ride calmed down. I'm going to look for another way to talk to son Joseph. Maybe Gmail voice and video chat? Hmmmmmm?

2PM - Plumbing parts bought!
During the morning, my friend Francisco drove down from his hilltop home and dropped off his son, who is also named Francisco. Flyboy David, son Francisco and I drove into San Blas in MsTioga.

David went to the bank and checked in on his dentist. Son Francisco played around on the internet using Mr. Datastorm and Ms. Viola. I found a hardware store and bought a plumbing part that included 1/4" pipe nipple and a wire screen for the vent repair.

I asked around the neighborhood if there was somebody who could extract the broken pipe nipple from the pipe reducer bushing. There is a mechanic's shop just around the corner. Mechanic David extracted the broken nipple. Now a new reducer is not needed. David also cut off the pipe nipple.

In the pics below are the repaired hose bibb assembly and the mechanic who did the work.
Hose bibb assembly.

David Palma - mechanic.


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