Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Mini-blind bummer!
This morning when the Sun came out, the mini-blind that was installed last nite was found to be translucent!! Wow! All of the other mini-blinds that I've purchased were opaque. When Nite Camped under street lights, opaque blinds keep out the light for sleeping. These translucent blinds let a considerable amount of light inside.

These translucent blinds were not marked as being translucent. Also, they cannot be returned because they were cut to size.

I am going to reinstall the old mini-blind and junk these new ones!

7AM - Camped near Mail Boxes Etc.
The Garmin Nuvi 750 GPS was set to find the address for the Mail Boxes Etc store where our package is waiting to be picked. The Nuvi brought us to the store! We could not find the store without the GPS. Pretty neat, huh!

MsTioga is Camped on a side street around the corner from Mail Boxes etc.

Boid is going bonkers!
Lately Boid is going nuts on me! When I am on the computer, he comes around pecking at the computer keys. Or my fingers on the mouse. Or flying on my head and walking around up there. Sometimes he decides to chew up the papers on my desk.

I changed Boid's seeds the other day. These new seeds have a bunch of different things in them. Since then, Boid is now super-active. Hmmmmm?
Bonkers Boid on the desk.

10AM - Got the package.
Did you know that it is VERY difficult to ship spray cans across the US border into Mexico? Well, it is! Shipping companies such as UPS and FedEX will not accept them. Government regulations.

We found a small shipping service company run by some guys from Mexico. How they did the job, I don't know. But I got the stuff now!
Caig DeoxIT and Must For Rust.

2PM - Camped in Monteón.
We have made a Nite Camp in the Pueblo of Monteón which is located along the highway to Tepic. MsTioga has been looking for a place to camp for awhile. The pueblos we passed are too small for MsTioga. Monteón is also small, but there is a wide enough dirt road to stay the nite.

Along side our Camp is large brick wall. We like to Camp next to a wall. Better than in front of somebody's home. Across the road is a sports area with a large soccer field.


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