Tuesday, April 14, 2009

9AM - Morning Camped on road to Jalcocotán.
MsTioga and The Team are thinking about two things this morning. One is our 2008 tax return, which has not yet been received from our tax guy. The other thing is our map of Mexico for our Garmin Nuvi GPS. We are supposed to receive the map unlock key this morning.

We have made a Morning Camp in order for Mr. Datastorm to go up and see if either of these things come in by email.

Phoning our tax guy.
The tax stuff email has not been received from our tax guy. So, Skype is being used to try and phone our tax guy and find out what's what!

We have to receive the tax stuff, sign the form, scan the form, then email that form back to the tax guy. Then our 2008 taxes will be filed electronically with the IRS. Also, we will make an electronic payment for our tax due.

Garmin Nuvi.
A map of Mexico was bought from [link]. In this morning's email, we received the map unlock key. Thank God that instructions for installing this Mexico map into our Garmin Nuvi 750 are included with this map purchase. No way could we have figured out this installation on our own!

Our map of Mexico is terrific. There appear to be street maps for every city in Mexico. This is soooooooo neat!

12 Noon - Pepe's Body Shop.
MsTioga is Camped next to Pepe's home and his attached body shop. The first thing that Pepe is going to do is the painting repair on MsTioga.

In the pic below, Pepe is applying the Bondo to a paint scrape that happened in one of the tunnels that are underneath the City of Guanajuato.
Pepe putting on the Bondo.

3PM - New fridge vent.
Most of MsTioga's exterior painting is complete. The little stove vent is repaired and awaits painting.

In the pic below, Rigoberto is working on the fridge vent. You may remember that I made a wood mold which Rigoberto used to apply his fiberglass for the fridge vent.
Rigoberto working on fridge vent.

5PM - Body job finished!

MsTioga's body job is finished! Below you may see the completed fridge and stove vents. There is still a little work to be done before these vents may be installed. The stove vent needs caulk before installation. And the fridge vent needs a cross piece over the chimney.

MsTioga and The Team have decided to stay the nite here in the Pueblo of Jalcocotán. It is late in the day and we do not like driving into the setting Sun.
Fridge vent.

Stove vent.

Note: Price for the work at Pepe's Body Shop is $650 pesos [$48US].


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