Sunday, April 12, 2009

Annual solar battery bank maintenance.
Once each year, it is time take apart Mr. Sunny's solar battery bank. All six of the deep cycle batteries are removed. The battery trays are cleaned. The battery compartment is cleaned as well.

When the batteries were removed this year, it was a BIG surprise to see all of the battery acid in the trays and even on the battery compartment floor! What a mess! Fortunately, the linoleum floor underneath the batteries appears to be very acid resistant.

Before our trip to California, a product called "The Battery Mat" [link] was ordered. The Battery Mat absorbs and neutralizes battery acid. Lucky thing that we ordered these mats, because we did not know the extent of battery acid leakage when we bought them.

The battery compartment cleaned up great! A Battery Mat was placed into the bottom of each of the six battery trays. The plan for the future is to replace our Battery Mats once each year.
Battery acid nightmare!

The Battery Mat.


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