Saturday, April 04, 2009

Being back with MsTioga!
It was great visiting with my family and friends in California. Going to Yosemite. Living in son David's home. Shopping like crazy for electronic stuff: iPod, Garmin Nuvi GPS!

However, now I am back with MsTioga. My home. Is there anything better than home? Is there anything better than a home like MsTioga? Who is able to go anywhere? Hmmmmm?

Baby Boid is back!
Yesterday afternoon after getting back with MsTioga, we went to Alicia's home where Baby Boid has been living while we were in California. You may remember that Boid was introduced to a "novia" [girlfriend]. I wasn't sure that Boid would give up his novia and return to MsTioga and The Team.
Baby Boid flying free inside MsTioga.

Propane tank empty!
When we left for our trip to California on March 17th, Mr. Dometic was left on. In the past, the fridge has always been emptied. But this time we had a lot of frozen meats in the freezer so the fridge was not turned off.

Last nite Mr. Dometic's "Check" lite went on. We found that the propane tank was completely empty! This is the very first time that MsTioga's propane tank had nothing. We had always wondered how far down we could empty the tank. Now we know that it is all the way down to zero. The little glass gage on the propane tank actually works!

We switched over to battery power to run Mr. Dometic. We had never used Mr. Dometic on battery power before and found that it takes about 25 amps at 12 volts to power the fridge. That's a bunch!

Going to Tepic for propane.
Tepic is the closest place with a propane filling station. So, around 7am we headed up the mountain road to Tepic. Somewhere along the road, a tree branch struck MsTioga. We did not pay too much attention because branches often touch. Later on however, we found that Mr. Dometic's plastic roof vent cap was gone! Man-O-Man!

Anyway, there was nothing to be done about the missing vent at that time. So, we continued to Global Gas to fill the tank. At the propane station we learned that the tank's capacity is 45 liters of propane. Always wondered about that!

In the pic below you may see that the metal portion of the vent is bent toward the rear. Also the wire screen that prevents bugs and stuff from entering the vent is missing.
Fridge roof vent gone!

Replacing fridge roof vent.
In the USA a roof vent is pretty easy to buy. A zillion RV places sell them. Here in Mexico that is not the case. So, we decided to have a vent fabricated out of fiberglass.

We found a place that sells pine. It is an interesting shop. They buy pine logs, and mill these logs into boards which are then sold. This tiny shop also manufactures wood boxes for fruits and vegetables to be shipped.

I bought a board for $70 pesos [$5US]. They cut the board down for me on their huge band saw, and then fabricated a box that would serve as a fiberglass mold for our new vent cap.

Little Mavicita would have taken a pic of this little box. But tragedy was soon to strike and pics were forgotten!

MsTioga strikes a pole.
In the Pueblo of Jalcocotán is Pepe's body shop. You may recall that we had some body damage repaired there a few months ago. As I was turning into the narrow street where Pepe's shop is located, MsTioga's left rear scraped a power pole!

You may only imagine how I felt when looking out to see the damage. The outside hose bibb had been knocked off and water was shooting out into the street. I turned off the electric pump, then backed away from the pole.

At Pepe's shop I inspected what had happened.
  • The kitchen stove vent was crushed.
  • The left rear fender was scraped, with only paint damage.
  • The kitchen window's bottom seal was hanging loose.
  • The outside hose bibb got knocked off.

Pepe's fiberglass guy.
I arranged for Pepe's fiberglass guy to use the wood box to fab up a new fridge roof vent. We removed the damaged kitchen vent and he will fix that up too.

We will return to Pepe's next Thursday to get this stuff. At that time I'll get Pepe to repaint the scraped fender.

Thinking it all over!
After leaving Pepe's, we drove back to Aticama. I was bewildered [to say the least]. Over the years driving MsTioga, I have had sooooooo many accidents. Hitting poles, fire hydrants, trucks. All kind of things.

I know that I am not NOT a talented driver. But losing the roof vent and striking that pole in one day had me reeling!

Then I began to focus in on the reality of what had happened today. These accidents were not really that big a thing. I have soooooooo much! I am living such a wonderful life.

Back in Aticama.
The first thing to be done was to somehow stop the water from shooting out from the now missing outside hose bibb. There was no way to re-install the hose bibb. I would need a new 1/4" pipe nipple and a bronze pipe bushing.

I shoved a plastic pipe connector that was in MsTioga's stuff into the plastic water pipe and secured it with a hose clamp. After trying several things, I found a little valve that fit into the other end of the pipe connector. That stopped the water from shooting out.

Francisco and Weng's home for supper.
Yesterday I met Weng in Aticama and she invited me to visit their hilltop home. I did a blog post about their home several weeks ago [link]. I told Weng that I would bring BBQ chicken. Along the way today, I bought two chickens and also a nice banana bread.

This evening, Flyboy David and I drove up to Francisco and Wing's hilltop home. We all had a great supper and talked into the nite.


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