Monday, April 27, 2009

Boid is around here somewhere!
In all of the many hours that I spent looking for Little Boid, there is little doubt that I walked right by him. Boid is a sort of non-aggressive guy. Outside, he would not fly to me. He would wait for me to find him. To walk right up to where he was. He would wait for my finger to come close. Wait for his cage to be brought near. Only then would Boid come to me.

Boid was last seen as he flew into the tree behind MsTioga at just around dusk Saturday nite, April 25th. Now it is Monday morning. Could Boid survive so long without food and water?

This morning I walked all of the streets around our Camp in Magdalena. I likely walked right by where Boid waited for me since he flew out of MsTioga. The place where Boid very likely passed away.
Boid and George.

Boid's cage hangs outside.
Even though I really believe that Boid has passed away, deep in my heart I hope that he is still alive. So, while MsTioga is still here in Magdalena, Boid's cage hangs outside, waiting for Boid to return.
Waiting for Boid.

12 Noon - Where we last saw Boid.
We have made a Camp near the place where we last saw Boid. There are trees all around this Camp. One of these trees is the last place Boid was seen.

Boid's cage is hanging outside MsTioga's rear window. The arrow in the pic below is where Boid flew the last time that he was seen. We are waiting for a miracle to happen.
Camping for Boid.

2PM - Heading out of Magdalena.
We on The Team have decided to head out of Magdalena. We've accepted that Boid is not going to be traveling with us. We have had a wonderful year+ with our Little Baby Boid!

4PM - Camped in El Arenal.
MsTioga and The Team have made our Nite Camp in the Town of El Arenal. There was a small abarrote store around the corner. We bought an avocado to make guacamole for tonite's supper.

As you may imagine, everybody on The Team is in a somewhat somber mood because Boid is not here. How could a little guy like Boid give us soooooo much happiness? Always doing something interesting. Looking out MsTioga's windows. Singing his songs. Saying his words. Flying on my head and walking around up there. Man-O-Man!


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