Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Garmin Nuvi GPS is fantastic!
Yesterday afternoon on entering the huge City of Guadalajara, I went looking for a radio repair shop. When the XM Radio is playing [link], a static sound is heard. Sometimes that sound is very loud and annoyoing. Stopping at an electronics store, I asked for a recommendation. A salesman told me of a shop, and gave directions.

Such directions are almost impossible to follow. So, I brought in my Garmin Nuvi GPS and asked him to show me where the shop was located. You can put your finger on the Nuvi screen, and move the map in any direction. With the map located on his store, he told me where to go. When he found where the repair shop was located, I made that location my destination.

My Garmin Nuvi GPS took me there! Without my Garmin, there would be no way for me to find that shop in a city as huge and complicated as Guadalajara!

Boid in Campeche.
Do you remember when the border guard would not let Boid go into the Mexican state of Campeche last year? This morning I was doing some MsTioga Magazine writing and stumbled on the story that was written as a result of that incident.

The story is called "Mine Zaida and his bird." [link].

3PM - Nap Camped.
We have made a Nap Camp inside a huge parking area behind a Pemex gas station. Jorge needed to take a nap! We have headed east out from the City of Guadalajara and are about five miles from the City of Zapotlanejo.

Although we are at an elevation of 4,910 feet, everybody on The Team is very surprised how warm it is! The temp inside MsTioga is at 100°F. Wow!

6PM - City of Zapotlanejo.

MsTioga and The Team have found our Nite Camp in the City of Zapotlanejo. We are inside a tree lined parking area. A popular highway is close behind our Camp. So, if it is noisy during the evening, we may move.

Chicken enchiladas are on he menu for supper. However, MsTioga says that her oven will NOT be turned on while it is still in the 90s°F inside. So, we might have a late supper, this evening!

The area surrounding our Camp is filled with shops! You know how much we love to shop!
MsTioga and Jorge in Zapotlanejo.

PS: Little Mavicita says, "Try saying Zapotlanejo five times real fast!


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