Sunday, April 19, 2009

Going-away party!
This evening at their home, Francisco and Weng are hosting a going-away party for themselves. Francisco, Weng and their three kids live high on the hill overlooking Aticama to the south and Playa Matanchen to the north [link]. When the family leaves Mexico this week, they will head to their other home in Portland, Oregon.

In a way, this going-away party is also for MsTioga and The Team. On Monday we will be heading south toward the City of Puerto Vallarta. After Puerto Vallarta, we head east into the Sierras, the mountain ranges of Mexico.

MsTioga and The Team have loved our five month stay in the Pueblo of Aticama and the Beach of Matanchen. We have stayed here longer than anyplace since we began fulltiming.

But we are vagabonders-supreme! And our destiny is to search for adventure.

The Flyboy Camp.
I am Camped on the Beach at Matanchen. I'm out of milk and went to Reuben's grocery near the highway. On the way, I walked by the place where the Flyboys made their camp.

There are a ton of people camped there now. They are mostly using tents, but some are sleeping in the back of pickup trucks. There is music playing. It is the last day of the Semana Santa holiday and the kids go back to school tomorrow.

However in my mind's eye, I do not see campers there on holiday. I see three ultralight planes. Chip, David, Ole and Burnzie are there, ready to takeoff into the wild blue yonder! And I am going flying with them.....
The Flyboys Camp in February!

4PM - Food for the party.
We want to bring food for the party. Reuben's Restaurant makes wonderful salsa. The best in the area! We bought two large bowls of salsa and six ripe avocados. When we go up to Francisco and Weng's home this evening, we'll make a big bowl of guacamole and put in that terrific salsa. We are also bringing a bunch of very nice totopos [corn chips] for dipping. And, several liters of Coca Cola.

MsTioga says, "You better take a taxi up that hill, Jorge! You will never make it walking with all of that stuff!"
Jorge and MsTioga in Aticama.

10PM - Nite Camped behind the circus.

At sundown when I looked for a taxi to go up the hill to Francisco and Weng's going-away party, there was no taxi to be found. So, hiking up there was the only way. Taking Coca Cola as planned is not an option, because there is no way that I am able to walk up there with that load!

The going-away party was great. The food was wonderful. So was the guacamole that I prepared in Weng's kitchen!

When the party was over, Francisco drove Weng's good friend Juana to her home. And drove me back to MsTioga. All the other guests had already left the party. MsTioga and I went back to our Nite Camp behind the circus.

Our last evening in Aticama for this season had come to an end.
Little Boid looking at Aticama's last sunset.


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