Friday, April 10, 2009

Hardware store deprived!
If you are living in the United States, you may have no concept of what it means to be "hardware store deprived!" Here in Mexico, there are tons of hardware stores. But they are soooooo different.

Hardware stores in Mexico usually are small. There is a counter. You walk up to the counter and ask for what you want. What's the fun in that? There is no browsing around shelves, looking at all the stuff for sale. Wow!

However, here in the City of Tepic, there is a big Ace Hardware Store. This Ace does not have all the stuff found in an Ace back in the states. But there is enough to make a guy like me go nuts walking the isles! Here I got a little relief from my hardware store deprivation!
Jorge at Ace Hardware in Tepic.

Knocked off hose bibb reinstalled!
It is amazing how easy things go when the proper tools and supplies are used. A 1/4" x 3" long pipe nipple was bought at Ace Hardware. It only took a few minutes to reinstall the hose bibb with this proper size nipple.

I've bought a duplicate nipple for MsTioga's plumbing supplies!
Reinstalled hose bibb.

Note: The scrapes that you see on MsTioga's fender in the pic above will be repainted by Pepe's Body Shop this coming Tuesday.

Little Boid wants my eggs!
Since returning to Mexico I've not made any omelets. This morning when I put breakfast on the table, Boid flew over and began to eat eggs as never before. Must be something in the eggs that he needs!
Boid at breakfast.

4PM - MsTioga has a flat tire!
The Team Camped near the Ace Hardware store during the afternoon. Then, we decided to go explore near the mountains east of town. However, during our walk-around inspection, a bolt was seen sticking into one of our dually tires!

We went looking for a tire shop, but everything is closed for Semana Santa. Then near the Wal*Mart, we stumbled upon a little tire shop that was open.
Do you see the bolt?

Changing tire by hand!


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