Thursday, April 02, 2009

How early at the airport?
The airlines and our government's "Transportation Safety Administration" advise that for international flights, arrive at the airport three hours before the departure time.

Santa Barbara Airbus is taking me to the LA Airport [LAX] tomorrow morning. Santa Barbara Airbus has a schedule which will drop me off at Delta Airlines either two or four hours before my flight departure. Wow!!

So, tomorrow morning, the 4:20am Santa Barbara Airbus will be taking me to LAX for my 10:58am departure flight to Puerto Vallarta. Leaving for Santa Barbara for LAX more than six hours before my flight departure seems quite odd. But I see no way out!

Tomorrow Mexico!
It is very exciting to think about returning to Mexico tomorrow. Flying out from California and then only a few hours later being in Puerto Vallarta just blows me away!

My plan is to try and catch an afternoon bus in Puerto Vallarta in order to return to the Pueblo of Aticama tomorrow. Then I'll pick up MsTioga and drive over to Alicia's home where Little Boid has been living.


No Google Maps today.