Thursday, April 23, 2009

Hungry Jorge!
Not having a lot of income has been a terrific thing for me. Keeps me sharp. Keeps me thinking. Keeps me hungry. Very stimulating, for sure!

This morning because of income, I was thinking about my blog's layout. You may know that Google's AdSense has paid me a considerable amount of $money$. However, lately although traffic to the TiogaRV Team's website is on the rise, income from AdSense has been falling off. This income drop is caused by advertisers apparently paying less for ads appearing on our site.

In order to boost earnings, we want to try other advertising programs. We would still continue to use Google AdSense. However, our blog's layout was not suitable for this change. There was not enough room for ad placement in the locations where ads do best.

This morning before sunrise, while still in bed, it came to me what that blog layout would look like. The layout that you are reading is the result. There is now room for other advertising programs. Pretty neat, huh?
MsTioga Breakfast Camped along the toll road south of Compostella.

3PM - Camped in Ahuacatlán.
This morning we traveled along the toll road from Compostela to Chapalilla. Then took the free road. We may have told you before, that we like the free roads. Not only because they are free! Mostly because we travel thru little towns which make our journey interesting. The toll roads pass by nearly everything.

We traveled 37 miles today. Just about right for us on The Team. Mr. DeLorme reports that our Camp is at an elevation of 3,304 feet. The temperature is 90°F. The altitude has brought the temperature down quite a bit during nitetime. I had to use my extra blanket last nite.

Why my blog looked weird this morning!
I use the FireFox browser to write my blog. This morning after I made all of the changes descibed above, I forgot to check how those changes looked in the Internet Explorer browser. Wow! Really weird!

There was a width parameter that was NOT accepted by Internet Explorer. That's why all of the blog text appeared squished up to the left. I've corrected the width now and Internet Explorer users should see my blog the way that it was intended to be seen!


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