Sunday, April 05, 2009

Last of the Flyboys.
During our trip to California, Flyboys Ole and Chip headed back north. On our return to Playa Matanchen, only Flyboy David remained. And David will be heading north himself in a few days.

Yesterday afternoon, David took apart his single seat ultralight aircraft. I helped him push the "trike" up the loading ramp into his trailer. This morning David came by and we drove up to San Blas for breakfast. On the way he told me, "I feel sort of crippled without my plane."

I used to be nostalgic about endings. It is coming to the end of my time living in the Pueblo of Aticama and the Beach of Matanchen. Now however, I'm different. Not sad. Listening to the waves landing on the shore. Thinking about flying over this place.

And thinking of searching for adventure in the Sierras. The mountains of Mexico that lie east of here!


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