Friday, April 17, 2009

We on the TiogaRV Team are turning into MugWumps. Fence sitters. Our mug on one side of the fence and our rump on the other. We find ourselves remaining on the lovely beach of Matanchen. Thinking about leaving, not wanting to go! Hmmmmm?

We had thought that by now that the weather would be hot and humid here in Aticama and the Beach of Matanchen. However, the climate is even more pleasant in April than it was in March! American and Canadian RVers believed that the weather would turn hot and humid as well. Most of them headed north a couple of weeks ago.

The temperature right now at mid-day is 79°F inside MsTioga. There is very low humidity. A gentle breeze blows. It is really nice!

You may recall that we have a package to pick up in Puerto Vallarta containing two cans of Caig DeOXit and four quarts of Must-For-Rust. We are not going to Puerto Vallarta until after Francisco and Weng's going away party being celebrated this coming Sunday.
Jorge watching volleyball - Playa de Matanchen.

7PM - Camped next to soccer field.

Yesterday, a circus began their setup next to our Little River Camp. This evening we found a large tent has been erected.

Not wishing to be near the circus activity, MsTioga and The Team have made our Nite Camp next to the soccer field in Aticama. This is only a short distance from Little River Camp.
The circus.


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