Friday, April 24, 2009

Reader Rosalie writes.
Rosalie, a senior from Canada writes, "Happy to hear you decided to go for it. At this age we must follow our dreams." That got me to thinking whether I could begin this kind of life now at my age of 71.

My reply:
"I understand how it is very possible for people to pass the age where they feel able to do boondocking and have the "go-for-it" attitude. I myself am like that. If I were not already doing boondocking and "going-for-it", I likely would not be able to begin this life."
The Team Morning Camped in Ixtlán del Rio.

Note: I've stayed in Ixtlán del Rio before! [link].

4PM - Staying in Ixtlán.
We had a nice day in Ixtlán del Rio. We washed MsTioga's front end in the shade of the trees in the park. While in the park, we found a crack in the leg brace for MsTioga's table. One of the men tending the plants in the park told of a welding place just around the corner.

MsTioga drove around the corner where we met Ginio Lara who owns a truck spring repair shop. While the leg was being brazed, Ginio visited inside MsTioga.

We returned to the park and had lunch in a little restaurant across the street. Camarones al mojo de ajo [garlic shrimp].

We had a Team Meeting, and decided to stay the nite in Ixtlán. We like it here. Only traveled eight miles today!
Jorge and MsTioga at the park in Ixtlán del Rio.

Note: Temperature 90°F inside MsTioga. Elevation 3,402 feet. We have been posting temp and elevation because we are traveling into the mountains to find a cooler climate. And, we thought you would be interested in this stuff.

8PM - Abarrotes!

I just got back from a walk around the neighborhood. There was an Abarrote store and I bought some groceries. Abarrotes means groceries in Mexican Spanish.

During my little walk, I came across two tiendas de abarrotes [grocery stores]. One of them was soooooo small! I've been living in Mexico at least part time since 2003 and I still do not fully understand how a person may earn their living from a tiny abarrote store.

Some abarrotes are so tiny, that customers may not enter. There is not enough room. So, customers tell the clerk [or owner] thru an open window what they want and their purchase is brought front to the counter.


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