Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Remembering Boid.
Many Readers have written about Boid thru email and posts in ShoutBox. Some wondered how I could leave Boid behind, if I loved him. There is a discussion in Tioga-George Forum that was begun the first time Boid flew away and continued this last time Boid left us. [link].

If a human is able to love a bird, I loved that little guy. As I type this to you, I am tearing up because my emotions are still very raw. Little Boid was a special bird. I have had many parakeets in my life starting when I was 12 years old. Boid resides at the top of the list of my bird friends.

Can a bird have a sense of humor? Boid seemed to have one! Often when I was driving or at my computer, Boid wanted my attention. Boid's preferred way of getting my attention would be to fly on my head and walk around up there. Having little claws dig into my head is very attention grabbing.

Sometimes driving MsTioga and having Boid walk on head would be very distracting. Especially if I was in heavy traffic, making a turn, etc. In those situations, I might brush him away. Boid would not be put off. He often flew back immediately making funny squawking sounds. Again and again Boid would fly on my head. I know in my own mind that he thought that this was great fun!

Boid loved looking out of MsTioga's windows. When I would go outside, Boid would see which direction I would be walking and then fly to a window to see me pass. Boid would look out those windows for hours. His little claw feet never tired gripping the window edge. Often while we were driving, Boid would fly all around MsTioga from window to window.

Boid knew when I was making preparations to head out. He would get excited, stop pruning his feathers, eating or whatever, and fly over to MsTioga's passenger seat back. Sitting on that seat back was his favorite place while driving. Often while we were on-the-road, Boid would sing while sitting on that seat back. Sometimes he would do his feather pruning. Glancing back from the driver's seat, I would often see him in his cage eating. Boid was a great eater!

Boid learned words easily. It would only take about two weeks for Boid to begin to mimic a new phrase. "Jump, jump baby bird." "I love you!" "Give a kiss!" I had begun to teach Boid to say, "One two three four five six seven." He never spoke this phrase, because last Saturday he went away forever. [link]

I first met Boid in the pet shop outside the WalMart in León, Guanajuato. There were about 15 parakeets kept in the store window cage. Boid was the only one sitting calmly on a perch while all the other parakeets flew around tweeting and messing around. I had not planned on buying Boid. It was an impulse thing. Boid seemed so serene among all that bird activity. I just knew that he was a special guy.

The last pic that I took of Boid was taken last Saturday morning, the same day that Boid flew away. Boid was playing around on my desk while I was on the computer. Boid loved to chew up my note paper, and he was happily chewing when I captured the pic below.
Arrived: León, Guanjuato 13 February 2008

Departed: Magdalena, Jalisco 25 April 2009


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