Saturday, April 11, 2009

Remembering my second chance!
Reader Ed from the State of Washington sent an email wondering about my mental state. "You write as if nothing ever bothers you and your world is so perfect. You are like Mr. Rogers' neighborhood."

I get a kick receiving messages like this one from Reader Ed. Other readers have picked up on the same thing. However, I have some insight for you. I am bothered by stuff that happens. And, I want my world to be like Mr. Rogers' neighborhood.

When things happen, such as:
  • My accident of last Saturday [link].
  • The tree branch knocking off the fridge vent [happened the same day as the accident].
  • Yesterday afternoon's flat tire.
I often have the typical angry "why me" attitude. When I scraped that pole last Saturday, and the water came squirting out of the knocked off hose bibb, I began shouting some very bad words. I screamed up at God in heaven. I was pissed off BIG time!

And then a few minutes later I calmed down a bit and was able to remember my Second Chance. If you have been reading my blog for awhile, you may know that I got cancer in 2001. During my successful cancer treatment, I was given the fantastic gift of being a member of a cancer support group inside the Wellness Community of Pleasant Hill, California. Oh! What a great experience that cancer support group was for me!

Cancer support group.
Every Wednesday I would go to "group". There were 21 group members at the beginning. Four members of "group" died in the next several months. I watched as each of these cancer victims withered away and then were gone. Those group meetings changed me and turned me into the guy that I am today. Those meetings gave me perspective. My Second Chance!

"Second Chance to do what?", you may be thinking.
  • To understand that things like last Saturday's accident are not really big deals.
  • To perceive the fabulous wonder of my present life!
  • To not be afraid of things like living in Mexico. Getting sick. Dying.
  • To write my blog as being in Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood.
Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood [link].
Every so often a reader will write criticizing my writing as being falsely upbeat. Too uncritical and question my lack of making judgments about others. Compare my writing to Mr. Rogers.

The truth is that I am just like most of you. The difference may be that because of my Second Chance, I have the opportunity to change myself. And I do much of this changing here in my blog writing. By writing without criticism. Without being judgmental. I believe that I actually change my thinking and become the uncritical, non-judgmental person that I wish to be.

2PM - Camped in the Pueblo of Bellavista.

Little Mavicita wanted to view the City of Tepic from high up on one of the nearby hills. After we could not find a high place, MsTioga decided to wander around to see what could be seen!

We headed northeasterly out of Tepic, and came to the Pueblo of Bellavista. This is a quiet pueblo on this Semana Santa holiday weekend. Many of the streets are cobblestone. We may stay the nite here!
MsTioga in Bellavista.

7PM - Taco stand looked really good!
I was going to prepare a pork chop supper. Then, a taco stand opened up across the road from where MsTioga is Camped. Walking over to take a peek, the meats looked really good! How could I resist?

I ordered two beef and two pork tacos and a Fanta orange soda. Boy-O-boy! Were those tacos delicious! Only $25 pesos [$1.83US].
The taco lady!


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