Monday, April 06, 2009

Sitemeter is neat!
MsTioga and The Team subscribe to Sitemeter which counts visits and other stuff. You may view our Sitemeter counter at the bottom of our right blog column.

One of the things that Sitemeter reports is referring webpages. These are webpages that link to our website. We often follow these links in order to find out about who is linking to us. This morning there was a link from DSL Reports that linked our blog's very first calendar.

Many of the things that MsTioga and I have done fade from memory. Having my own blog, lets me read about what happened in the past. Following that link this morning, I read our June 7, 2003 blog post. On that day, all of the stuff to be installed in MsTioga was complete. No more shake-down trips. We were off on our very first fulltime adventure! [link].

The Huichol.
The Huichol are a people of Western Mexico. I first became aware of the Huichol because of their gorgeous beaded jewelry. Yesterday when Flyboy David and I were visiting the Pueblo of San Blas, he asked me if I would like to look at some Huichol carts displaying jewelry. Of course I jumped at this chance!

In the pic below, you may see a bracelet that I bought showing beaded eagles. This lovely bracelet sold for only $80 pesos [$5.60US].
Huichol bracelet.


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