Thursday, April 09, 2009

Solar battery maintenance.
If you live in an RV, you may know that there are a ton of things that can get loose and need some maintenance. We must have gone too fast over a "tope" [speed bump]. In Mexico topes are everywhere. Sometimes there are signs warning of a tope ahead. Sometimes not.

One of the batteries in Mr. Sunny's solar battery bank got tipped up on to the 1" side of its tray. The battery bank is located under the computer work station desk [link]. The work station desk is constructed so that the desk top may be easily removed for maintenance of things underneath.

It was necessary to remove the cables to the tipped battery in order to move it back to level inside its tray. The cables had some corrosion deposits that needed cleaning. It seemed like a good idea to give some attention to all of the batteries in the bank.

We ran out of distilled water this morning. Must buy some more when next in Tepic. Distilled water in the USA is easy to find and is sold in many grocery stores in one gallon bottles. Here in Mexico only some auto supply stores sell distilled water in small 500ml or one liter containers. We have to keep a good supply on board in order to do proper maintenance.

Hustling for a living.

Here in Mexico, it is not necessary to be employed to earn your living. Just find something to sell; peanuts, hammocks, ice cream, banana bread, etc. Then walk around selling your stuff.

It is Semana Santa now [Easter or Holy Week] in Mexico. The beach at Matanchen is expected to be crowded with campers staying here for the holiday. And, there are a ton of people here to sell stuff to the campers.

Just behind MsTioga is a family that is selling sandias [water melons] and renting inner tubes for people to float on in the Pacific Ocean.
Hustling melons and inner tubes.

11AM - MsTioga in Pueblo de Jalcocotán.
Besides the beauty of the beach at Matanchen, the attraction of the Aticama area is tranquility. People have been talking about how busy and crowded it would get here during Semana Santa. We had no idea!

Thousands of cars, trucks and families are heading from Tepic and surrounding towns to the beach. It is tranquil here no longer! So, the TiogaRV Team has decided to head from the beach to Tepic!

On the way, we have made a Camp in the Pueblo de Jalcocotán. Our Camp is just around the corner from Pepe's Body Shop. You may recall that the fiberglass work for our new fridge vent cover and repaired stove vent are being done here. Also, we want Pepe to repair the fender paint damage from that pole encounter.

Pepe told us to return next Tuesday to do the installation and paint work. However, we may stay here in Jalcocotán for the nite.
MsTioga in Jalcocotán.

Note: The accident I call the "pole encounter" that caused the fiberglass damage Pepe's Body Shop is repairing occurred on April 4th [link]


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