Saturday, April 25, 2009

Spectacular success!
Our new blog layout is a spectacular success. Blows me away! So, we had a Team Meeting this morning and it was decided to put the same layout on our MsTioga Magazine stories. This would be a BIG project if we were to convert all of the stories. However, some of the MsTioga Magazine stories are very popular. Why not start out with these?

Our story about Slab City [link] is our first conversion. This story is popular because Google searches for "Slab City" result in this web page being displayed 3rd from the top on the very first page! Also, the Wikipedia story which is the 2nd Google result, links to our Slab City story.

Pretty neat, huh?

10AM - Boid is the boss!
When our parakeet Little Boid joined The Team over a year ago, he was pretty timid. It took a couple of weeks just to get Boid to be less afraid of my hand. Those days are gone! Not only is Boid unafraid of my hand. He is not afraid of me at all.

Sometimes when Boid is in the mood, he lets me hold him, my hand completely around him. He doesn't even try to fly away. He just makes a sound which tells me, "Watch out or I'll bite you!"

Boid often is very much into mischief. One of the things he likes to do a lot is chew up the papers on my desk.
Boid chewing papers on my desk.

3PM - Broken down in Magdalena!
Señorita Tioga broke down in the City of Magdalena! It is a fuel problem again. We have a hunch that the problem is the fuel pump located inside the gasoline tank.

You may recall that La Señorita had a fuel problem a couple of months ago while driving to Tepic. We thought that the problem then was the fuel filter, and changed the filter out. However, we continue to have intermittent fuel problems, so the pump is now suspect.

Señorita Tioga and The Team are soooooo lucky!
You may not believe that we are lucky. However, we broke down inside a big town. That was very lucky! And, when we broke down, we were in the middle of an intersection. But with a mighty exertion of her tremendous will, Señorita Tioga managed to move herself from the intersection to a safe place.

Isn't that the greatest thing!
Broke down in Magdalena!

7PM - Boid flew off into the fading light!
A taco stand a few feet away from our Camp looked good. As I stepped out of MsTioga to get some tacos, Boid flew on my shoulder for just a second. Then we were both outside and he flew towards a tree. I called out to Boid in the tree, but I could not see him. I quickly got his cage and went to the tree and called for him.

With Boid's cage, I called out for over an hour. Soon the dark of nite came. Boid likely was perched on a limb, and probably could see and hear me calling out. But Boid gets disoriented at nite and would not fly to his cage.

I never saw Boid again.

Innocent Boid - Ignorant George.
Boid was an incident waiting to happen. And, I am the reason for it happening. I could not bear to have Boid locked up in his cage. I could not bear to have his wings clipped. Boid was soooooo happy flying around inside MsTioga. And I was soooooo happy seeing him fly.

Boid really did not want to be outside. I know that for sure. Boid had chances to escape a thousand times. He did not take that chance. Not even once!

Both times that Boid escaped, the way that it happened was identical: Boid flew on me just as I was going outside. And when Boid was outside, he flew away. Because of the way that Boid and I lived, his escape in that manner was inevitable.

The first time that Boid got loose, I convinced myself that such an incident could not happen the same way again. I was wrong. And now Little Baby Boid is outside at nite. Alone. Afraid. And I am to blame! I feel very low tonite.

Nite Camp Location Link


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