Wednesday, April 22, 2009

What are we doing?
You may be wondering what MsTioga and The Team are doing? Where are we going? What's going on?

Right now we are heading into the mountains of Mexico, the Sierras. The Team is going into the Sierras in order to remain in T-Shirt and short pants weather. At lower altitudes, it should be getting warm and humid soon.

If you looked at a map of Mexico, you may find that in order to travel into the Sierras you must head to the great City of Guadalajara. From Guadalajara the highways radiate outward like the spokes of a giant wheel.

Of course there is no rush to get there. Because wherever we are, MsTioga is home!

Opening Message Board to new posters!
We have decided to open up our Tioga-George Message Board/Forum to new users. In the past, MsTioga had to approve you to post on our Forum. Now, you may register yourself and then make your own posts.

The link to enter Tioga-George Forum is just above the ShoutBox. Scroll down a bit and you will find it.

2PM - Camped in Compostela.
We have made our Camp for tonite in the Pueblo de Compostela. MsTioga has passed by Compostela before, and has never entered the town.

Isn't the name, "Compostella" a beautiful one? Hmmmmmm?

Note: Our Camp is at the 2,785 foot elevation. Still warm. 90°F inside MsTioga.
MsTioga and The Team in Compostela.


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